Watercolour Brushes

Our watercolour paint brushes have been carefully designed to provide artists of all abilities with the most comprehensive choice of shapes and sizes for their watercolour painting. Within our watercolour brush ranges, you’ll spot the five most popular types of watercolour paint brushes that fulfil the top techniques used in this kind of painting. Each watercolour brush has been crafted to ensure the flow of colour and optimum effectiveness that is required for watercolours.

The brush heads are soft, using a mixture of both synthetic and natural hair and a combination of short and long handles. Round watercolour paint brushes deliver versatility as their shape is suitable for laying washes, fine lines, touching in and detail.

Flat wash watercolour paint brushes, also known as one-stroke, have a square-shaped head that forms a sharp chisel edge to hold plenty of colours, making them ideal for sweeping washes and clean linear strokes. Both the script and rigger types of watercolour brush are long-haired with an extra-fine point and good colour-holding, allowing for fine lines and tapered strokes.

Fan blenders can be used for subtle colour blending of colour. Most of our watercolour paint brushes can also be used with gouache paints as this medium has a similar consistency and technique type that is compatible with watercolour brushes.