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Selecting the right art accessories

Our range of art accessories and art supplies includes portfolios, art luggage, painting accessories and drawing accessories – for everything you might need to help with and enhance your drawing, sketching or painting experience. The painting accessories cover items to help you paint such as palette knives, watercolour sponges, disposable tear-off palettes and painting palettes in wood, plastic and porcelain, as well as artist accessories such as canvas pliers, an artist apron and even a manakin.

Within this category you’ll also find brush accessories, such as brush rolls to store your brushes in as well as a brush washing stand to help you clean and dry your brushes, keeping them fresh for the next use.

Daler-Rowney drawing accessories give each artist tools to help them draw and sketch. These include erasers, metal clips and a wooden manikin, to inspire artists who wish to practise sketching the human form. Within our portfolio and art luggage collection, you’ll discover cases and folders that are designed to keep your art safe, provide storage and present your artwork professionally.

Within this range, you’ll find all kinds of luggage, presentation cases, cachet and zip portfolios as well as art bags in all sizes from A4 to A1. Our art cases are either completely waterproof or moisture resistant to protect your art from the elements and keep it dry. Each portfolio is also lightweight, portable and easy to carry with grip handles.

Painting Accessories

Our painting accessories include everything you need to leverage your art experience as well as make creating much easier. Our artist accessories include artist painting tools, brush accessories as well as art portfolios for keeping your artwork safe and looking professional.

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Palette Knives

A palette knife allows the artist to apply all kinds of unique techniques to their paintings like impasto, sharp lines and expressive shapes. Within our collections, you’ll find palette knives for both beginners and more experienced artists who need an artist palette knife or a set to suit their needs.

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An art portfolio case showcases your artwork professionally and safely. Each portfolio case should protect your masterpieces from the elements, be practical and comfortable as well as look sleek and stylish. Daler-Rowney offers three types of art portfolio case within its collections.

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Create a first impression that enhances your presentation or artwork with art luggage from Daler-Rowney. Our sleek art folders and art cases not only make you stand out from the crowd with a professional look, but are convenient, easy-to-use and keep your artwork safe.

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Drawing Accessories

Our drawing accessories are designed to help and enhance your drawing and sketching. Our drawing tools include metal clips, erasers and a wooden manikin. You’ll also find our range of portfolios that are crafted to keep your drawings and sketches safe and looking fresh.

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