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How to create paint pouring art

Step 1:

Think about your colour design before preparing your paint pouring mix with FW Pouring Medium and System3, Aquafine, or FW Acrylic Ink.

Step 2:

Start preparing your pour-in glasses or paper cups with a ratio of 1:3 medium to ink.

Step 3:

Pour half of the ink into the medium and stir thoroughly with a palette knife or stick. After stirring, finish adding the rest of the ink and stir until you are happy with the fluidity and colour intensity.

Step 4:

Prepare as many colours as you like upfront. To test the fluidity, simply lift the palette knife out of the mixture and if the mixture flows smoothly off of the palette knife you are ready to start creating your paint pouring art.

Step 5:

Traditional Pour - For a traditional cup pour, premix your colours and add each one to the desired surface separately. You can keep adding colours until you are happy with the finished product.

Dirty Pour - To Dirty Pour just combine multiple premixed colours into one container and pour from there. The colours will mix and flow around each other creating interesting and beautiful patterns that are difficult to recreate with a traditional pour.

Puddle Pour - Puddle Pouring relies on adding colours in a controlled manner to the centre of the colour you have just added. The circles will expand and press against each other without mixing too much.

Flip Pour - Flip Cup is similar to the Dirty Pour, but rather than pouring the mixture, the container is flipped onto the canvas with the canvas acting as a lid. Then, after settling, the cup is lifted off and the paint combines into new shapes.

Step 6:

Place your canvas with the paint pouring art on a flat surface and let it dry for 24 hours. We would recommend applying a shockproof clear varnish to protect your design and get it ready for display.

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