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How to create a grid matrix with David Bent?

David Bent, a renowned artist and illustrator, talks us through how to set up a grid matrix with this easy step-by-step guide.


Start with mixing your colour depending on the most prominent colour in your artwork, alternatively use a white gesso primer.

Step 2:

Start by painting the edges and sides.

Step 3:

Fill the canvas with a big flat brush. Watch out that the brush you are using is matching the paint you are using for coverage.

Step 4:

Finish with vertical strokes for a consistent colour distribution and the best result. Once dry, you are ready to start your artwork.

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Your step by step guide

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About the artist

Born in Dover, David Bent has travelled extensively throughout his life, spending long periods of time in many regions including Peru, Costa Rica, India, the Middle East and Nepal - always painting, sketching and collecting ephemera and images that form the foundation of much of his work.