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How to visualise music with Anthony P Cerretani

Step 1: Get your fine art materials ready and make yourself comfortable so you can let go and free your mind.

Step 2: Try some more unusual supplies such as pipettes, cotton swabs, soap bubbles or straws to create different marks and play around.

Step 3: Make sure you have enough paper and canvas, so you can move forward quickly and start all over again.

Step 4: Choose your favourite musician or band, create on the spot and try not to think too much. Just enjoy the moment and the journey.

Step 5: Once you are finished, let your artwork dry and finish it off with a varnish to protect your piece.

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Anthony P. Cerretani is a self-taught artist and musician who grew up in New York. Currently based in Brooklyn, Anthony creates visual abstractions live to the music as bands perform at venues all across the city.