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How to choose what to paint with Kerry Lemon?

Who hasn't had the feeling of not knowing what to paint or draw? Meet English artist and illustrator Kerry Lemon, who has some simple advice to help get you started.

Step 1:

Have a look around you. Inspiration is everywhere: in your kitchen drawer, on your book shelf or at the bus station.

Step 2:

Always take your art materials with you and paint whenever or wherever you can - practice makes perfect.

Step 3:

Don't get frustrated. When a piece of art doesn't turn out as planned it is part of your journey to improvement, so keep going and see what you can make out of it.

Step 4:

Learn from your mistakes and exchange experiences with other artists to keep your motivation up and to meet new people. Most importantly, enjoy your art and be proud of what you created, even the mistakes.

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Your step by step guide

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About the artist

Kerry Lemon is a mixed media artist famous for her brave approach in illustration, architecture, sculpture and paintings and her work is always inspired by nature.