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#simpycreate a unicorn

Create your own unicorn, with your friends, siblings and the entire family! Watch the above video to find inspiration on how to draw the outline of your unicorn and how to colour it with colouring pencils and soft pastels. 

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Step 1
Draw the outline

Use a Simply Black Marker to draw the outline of the unicorn. Feel free to make some attempts using a light pencil. This will easily allow you to erase any mistakes. No worries! Art is all about trials and errors! When a piece of art doesn't turn out as planned it is part of your journey to improvement, so keep going and see what you can make out of it.

When you are happy with the outline, you are ready to colour your unicorn!

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Step 2
Colour your unicorn

Use the Simply Colouring Pencils and Soft Pastels to draw your unicorn. Unleash your creativity: you can choose all the colours you wish to do so. Your unicorn will be unique!

Tip: When using the Soft Pastels, feel free to blend them with your fingers to achieve different effects.

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Your step by step guide

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