#simplycreate a dandelion

1. Materials

For this tutorial you need:

  • Simply sketchbook, A5 format
  • Simply colouring pencils

2. Pompom drawing

Using the coloured pencil of your choice, draw lines that intersect to form a multitude of rays inside a circle to form the pompom.

Repeat the same operation with shorter radii this time to give the illusion of a full pompom.

3. Dandelion drawing

Still with the same coloured pencil, add to each line a 6-pointed star forming 3 circles then complete the drawing with a rod starting from the centre of the pompom towards the end of the notebook page to finalise the dandelion.

4. Add more dandelions

Using the technique explained in this demonstration, make a small dandelion again to complete the drawing. Have fun adding a few achenes floating in the air like small, freedom-loving parachutes.

5. Result and inspiration

With a different coloured pencil, add several clouds in the background in the sky to give a airier effect to the drawing.

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About the artist:

The painter Amylee Paris tirelessly finds her inspiration in colour and nature. Her abstract blooms and portraits shine in several art galleries in the UK.