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How to upcycle flower pots with VIN+OMI

Step 1 - Item Preparation:
  • Always prepare the surfaces and test the colour application on a small, inconspicuous area first. Cover your surroundings with biodegradable dust sheets or other left-over materials from your recycling.
  • Remove existing paint from your terracotta flower pots by using fine sandpaper and apply a base coat of System3 Gesso Primer with a brush for best results.
Step 2 - Creative Design:
Splash and release your inner Jackson Pollock!
  • Reuse glass containers from your recycling and clean them for colour mixing.
  • Think about your colour design first, then mix and match the colours to your liking. For a more controlled splashing, we would recommend System3 Acrylic due to its medium flow attributes; if you want to go wild, System3 Ink or FW Acrylic Ink might be a better option for you.
  • Using your brush, start to splash colour onto the pots. The faster the movement, the straighter the lines. Overlay splashes to create different textures and heights with your colour splashes.
  • Knowing when to finish is the hardest part of every piece of art, so we’ll leave it to you to decide this for yourself.
  • Apply a coat of Acrylic Soluble Matt or Gloss Varnish to your finish your flower pots for outdoor usage.
  • Tip: Of course, you can also create a realistic, abstract, or impressionistic piece of art on your plant pots. There are no limits. Use paint, marker, glue, paper, or varnish as much as you like.

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VIN + OMI are award winning fashion and multi media designers who work internationally. They are previous recipients of a NESTA award for their innovation in fashion, research and their unique business models.