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How to use Goldfinger in paintings with Carole Jury

Discover how to use Goldfinger gilding paste in combination with Georgian Oil. Add a fantastic touch to your paintings. Traditionally used in framing and gilding, Goldfinger is ideal for your painting too.

Make gilding great again with Goldfinger! Unique to Daler-Rowney, Goldfinger offers the perfect solution for the restoration of antiques and gilding, offering a luxurious lustre at the touch of a finger.

  • Thinnable with white spirit.
  • No signs of metallic particles or smears.
  • Professional finish.
  • Ideal for restoration and gilding.
  • Ideal for mixed media use.
  • Made in England.

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French born artist Carole Jury, who lives and work in Princeton (New Jersey) is both a photographer and an abstract painter and she combines the two medium of expression in her process, starting from photography and then transposing it to painting to create her series.