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System 3 Acrylic Mars Black with water added

I use mars black and add a bit of water to make it more spreadable?? however when i topped up the paint yesterday and began using i noticed that the finished paint was leaving speck of glossier paint.

Woud watering the paint down removed the gloss effect from the original black and then readding it make speck sof it appear?

Does that make sense?

any ideas?


How are you using it? Are

How are you using it? Are you mixing it and storing it in a jar and then adding more black? When you put the new paint over the top of the original watered down one, were you using it neat?
The less water the more likely it will be to be glossy. Also are your brush strokes going in the same direction as the first coat. I sometimes find the light hits the paint in a different way depending on the direction it is applied.
Which acrylic are you using system 3, cryla ect.. If you intermix the different ranges you may get a difference in appearence, cryla has a soft sheen finish for example.

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