How to Simply... paint a ringneck parakeet?

Jennie Wickings, artist and illustrator, finds all her inspiration in animals and nature. In this tutorial you will learn how to paint a ringneck parakeet with watercolours! Parakeets are small to medium-sized species of parrots.

Step 1: 

Look outside or look online to find a model of a ringneck parakeet. To colour your parakeet, find inspiration by simply looking at flowers around you.

Step 2:

Select your paints and place little blobs of them on your white mixing palette. Tear off a square of watercolour paper for trials. Gather your watercolour paper and watercolour brushes. You will also need sketching pencils and a glass of water. 

Tip: in this tutorial Jennie uses acrylic brushes as she preferred the stiffness of them - you can easily identify them as they have an orange handle, Simply watercolour brushes have a blue handle. Simply acrylic brushes can be used as mixed media brushes and used with watercolours. The main difference with Simply watercolour brush is that they will hold less water and be stiffer. 

Step 3:

Draw the outline of your parakeet and start to paint the beak and then the feathers. Mainly use greens and yellow.

Tip: apply water on the paper and it will mix the colours together on the paper directly!

Step 4: 

With a fine detail brush and a little bit of black watercolour, paint the eye of your parakeet.

Tip: for very delicate details, add much less water: dip your brush in the water and wipe off excess water before applying paint. 

Step 5: 

Add some blue to the feathers.

Step 6:

Define the wings with darker green.

Step 7:

With the fine detail brush and a little bit of brown, paint the feet of the parakeet. As well as the branch on which it stands.

Step 8: 

For the finishing touches, you can highlight some outlines of the parakeet with a fine detail brush and a little bit of black.