How to Simply... draw a rainbow parrotfish?

Jennie Wickings, artist and illustrator, finds all her inspiration in animals and nature. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a rainbow parrotfish with colouring pencils!

Step 1: 

Look online to find a model of a rainbow parrotfish. You can also find your inspiration in aquariums! To colour your fish, find inspiration by simply looking at flowers around you.

Step 2:

Start with the lightest colouring pencil, in this tutorial, Jennie starts with yellow. And draw the outline. 

Step 3:

Highlight part of the outline, in blue. 

Tip: Pay attention to the relationship between the mouse and the eye of the fish, as well as the proportions! The tail of a fish is always longer than expected. 

Step 4: 

Switch back to the yellow colouring pencil.

Tip: always go lighter to darker and make sure to go light when pressing the pencils: you can always go darker if needed!

Step 5: 

Use the orange and the red and go on colouring your fish. Mix the orange with the yellow. 

Step 6:

Use the blue and mix with yellow as well to achieve a very nice turquoise. Keep on adding more colours: red, green, purple

Tip: press harder and harder toward the end to have some very vibrant colours!

Step 7:

Use the blue to add more details and do not forget to leave some white highlights.