How to draw with colouring pencils

Jennie Wickings, artist and illustrator, finds all her inspiration in animals and nature. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw with colouring pencils, using a parrotfish as a model to learn Jennie's Simply colouring pencil techniques. 

Step 1

Find a model

Look online to find a model of a rainbow parrotfish. You can also find your inspiration in aquariums! To colour your fish, find inspiration by simply looking at the flowers around you.

Step 2

Draw the outline

Start with the lightest colouring pencil, in this tutorial, Jennie starts with yellow. And draw the outline.

Step 3

Highlight the outline with a darker colour

Highlight part of the outline, in blue. 

Tip: Pay attention to the relationship between the mouth and the eye of the fish, as well as the proportions! The tail of a fish is always longer than expected. 

Step 4

Switch back to the lighter pencil

Switch back to the yellow colouring pencil.

Tip: always go lighter to darker and make sure to go light when pressing the pencils: you can always go darker if needed!

Step 5

Colour your fish

Use the orange and the red and go on colouring your fish. Mix the orange with the yellow. 

Step 6

Mix colours

Use the blue and mix with yellow as well to achieve a very nice turquoise. Keep on adding more colours: red, green, and purple.

Tip: press harder and harder toward the end to have some very vibrant colours!

Step 7

Add more details and leave highlights

Use the blue to add more details and do not forget to leave some white highlights.

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