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Open air watercolour demonstration with Charles Evans

Charles Evans demonstrate how to paint with watercolour in the open air. 

First, you have to draw a sketch of the scenery - you can always adapt your drawing by leaving some elements or adding others.

Once the drawing is done, paint a wash for the sky - use a lot of water and don't forget that the sky will need to be seen through the foliage gaps! When the sky is dry, you can start on the background and then add details with a rigger brush. A 3/3 inch flat brush is perfect for the foliage and for the grass in the foreground. Only at the end, you will add shadows. Now you are ready to go paint your garden!

Charles reminds us that to create black, you just need to mix Ultramarine Blue with Burnt Sienna.

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Charles Evans is a British artist born in Yorkshire. During an early career in catering, he discovered a love of painting and was commissioned by the National Coal Board to paint pictures for their boardrooms.