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Easy watercolour sunset with Charles Evans

British artist and art teacher Charles Evans demonstrate how to create a quick and easy sunset landscape. 

As for all his watercolour paintings, Charles only uses 8 colours - Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Alizarin Crimson, Light Red, Hookers Green, Sand, Yellow Ochre and Ultramarine Blue - and 4 brushes - 1.5 inch flat, 3/4 inch flat, 8 round and 4 rigger - all by Aquafine.

The key to learnings from this painting is that there isn't too much water when it comes to the sky, use a 10p coin in the kitchen roll to create the moon and make sure that the sky is dry before starting on the trees. 

He also teaches us how to simply create new colour shades:

  • Raw Umber with Ultramarine Blue gives you Sepia
  • Get Van Dyck Brown by mixing Sepia and Burnt Sienna 
  • Raw Umber with Burnt Sienna will give you Burnt Umber

Want to see more from Charles Evans? Visit his artist profile.

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About the artist

Charles Evans is a British artist born in Yorkshire. During an early career in catering, he discovered a love of painting and was commissioned by the National Coal Board to paint pictures for their boardrooms.