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Boats on the beach watercolour with Charles Evans

British artist Charles Evans shows us how to paint boats on a beach. He stresses the fact that we should treat boats like buildings when sketching them.

Always start with the sky, using a lot of water; this time he uses only ultramarine blue with his Aquafine 1.5-inch flat brush. Once dry, he paints the background before the boats. For the background, he uses his Aquafine 3/4 inch flat brush. The sea is a simple mix of Ultramarine Blue with a touch of hookers green and a tiny touch of burnt sienna. 

When painting the boats, Charles reminds us that everything that is white has a blue tint in shadow. Talking about shadows, these are added at the end. 

Don't forget to watch till the end as Charles gives us a nice trick on how to add texture and interest to the foreground!

Here is also a reminder on how to simply create new colour shades:

  • Raw Umber with Ultramarine Blue gives you Sepia
  • Get Van Dyck Brown by mixing Sepia and Burnt Sienna 
  • Raw Umber with Burnt Sienna will give you Burnt Umber

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About the artist

Charles Evans is a British artist born in Yorkshire. During an early career in catering, he discovered a love of painting and was commissioned by the National Coal Board to paint pictures for their boardrooms.