Daler-Rowney x VIN+OMI Collaboration

“The Vin + Omi x Daler-Rowney Collaboration has opened up a new perspective into fashion design and its processes for us and is a constant reminder to challenge existing concepts and to thrive on real innovation.”
Dominique Paradis / Daler-Rowney CEO
VIN + OMI are award winning fashion and multimedia designers whose work has been seen worn by the like of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Debbie Harry and Michelle Obama.
They are previous recipients of a NESTA award for their innovation in fashion, research, and their unique business models.  Focusing on sustainable approaches to business, design, and textiles through eco innovation and social impact makes VIN + OMI one of the leading pioneering eco-fashion brands today.
In 2018 Daler-Rowney appointed the British fashion designers Vin + Omi to global fashion Ambassadors. After 3 years of Vin + Omi X Daler-Rowney art and fashion collaborations and creative interventions around their underground fashion shows during the London Fashion Week.
“Working with Daler-Rowney has helped us achieve new ways of working and introduced a range of artists into our practice. Their open-minded approach gives us great room for exploration. We are honoured to be representing such an innovative company” VIN + OMI
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