Graduate Oil

Graduate Oil

Vibrant Colours, Traditionally Crafted

Graduate Oil Colours are traditionally crafted with a soft buttery consistency and high pigment loading. They offer excellent brushability and are easy to mix while being suitable for smooth brush applications and impasto. All colours are either Permanent 4**** or Normally Permanent 3*** and surface dry to a uniform low gloss satin sheen within four to five days.

Available in a range of forty-two vibrant colours many of which are single pigment which ensures that colours are brighter and cleaner when mixed. The unique formulation of refined linseed oil and modern drying agents creates oil colours which are easy to squeeze from the tube and effortlessly mixed on the palette.

The Graduate Oil Colour range has a well balanced choice of opaque and transparent colours. This is ideal for oil painters who like to experiment with the layering techniques of transparent oil colours or to create bold and expressive opaque techniques with colours such as Coeruleum, Rose Madder, Phthalo Blue or Viridian Hue. Alternatively, high lustre metallics Silver, Gold, Rich Gold or Copper mix beautifully with transparent colours.

With over 150 years of expertise in oil colour manufacturing, Daler-Rowney traditionally crafts Graduate Oil in England. Every colour and every batch is carefully checked to exacting quality standards ensuring that colours perform consistently and to the quality standards which artists have come to expect from Daler-Rowney’s colours.


• Available in 42 colours including 4 high lustre metallics

Graduate Oil Colour Wheel

• 38ml 117 038 xxx
• 120ml 117 120 xxx
• 200ml 117 200 xxx

• Available in 2 sets 117900100 Graduate Oil Selection Set (10 X 38ml colours)

  • 117500100 Graduate Oil Starter Set (5 X120ml colours)

Graduate Oil 10 x 38ml Carton
Graduate Oil 12 x 22ml Carton
Graduate Oil 24 x 22ml Carton
Graduate Oil 36 x 22ml Carton
Graduate Oil 20ml Tubes

Colour Chart

  • GradOilA3.gif

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