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Viktor Tilson - Outsider Artist

My name is Vik, I have been painting seriously since the early 1980 when I was using water colours. I always painted abstract so water colour paints in hind sight was a rather unusual choice howver I didn't know any better back then and couldn't afford anything else. I used water colours for about 15 years, then in the last 90's moved over to acrylics, this was a  fortunate and now I realise natural progression. Acrylics are easy to use like water colours but offer a better permenancy, I then started to learn how to blend colours on paper / canvas but of course the down side is you have to work fast, as once dry  there is no going back..Using the acrylics tought me a lot, and again with hind sight I think they made me better prepared for when I switched to oils. Painting is all about experimenting to find the right paint and tools that suit you. I first tackled oils back in 2009 and attempted to continue painting in the same way as with water colours and acrylics, now I realise for me this was a mistake and the results were not what I wanted, it was smply hard work trying to match my previous style with oils so I gave up and returned to acrylics.About 9 months ago I revisited oils but this time I decided to use a pallete knife and liquin to thin down the paints, also trying a different brand of paints (DR Georgian). For me these two changes made all the difference and have more of less now converted me to exclusively oil painting. I still find the drying time a real pain but don't want to switch oils for another faster drying series as I love the quality of the georgian oils. It must be said each series is very different as are makers. In the previous 30 years of painting I was a confirmed W&N painter but I didn't get along with their oils, however Daler Rowney Geogian tick all the right boxes for me and I've not looked back.My advice: Do a little homework to find out how best to use the oils, follow the drying / layering rules (if you use layers, I don't) and simply have fun, don't be afraid to try things especially if it's not been taught.....just do it and discover for yourself !Whiles it's important to respect the rules and methods, personally I don't take them to the letter. I figure some of the greatest painters created works from pure inspiration and not by mechanically following a recipe. Enjoy your painting !

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