Artists' Sketching Pencils

Artists' Sketching Pencils

Daler-Rowney Artists' Sketching Pencils come in a variety of popular mediums including Sketching Water-soluble, Smooth Oil, Brown & Sanguine Drawing, Charcoal, and a solid graphite pencil.

12 Shades

– Loose  Code 654 100 •••
– Artists' Sketching 12-Pencil Tin  Code 654 200 012
– Artists' Sketching Four Pencil Wallet  Code 654 102 040
– Artists' Sketching Sepia Four Pencil Wallet  Code 654 702 042
– Drawing Combinations Graphic & Sketching 24-Pencil Tin  Code 654 200 024
– Drawing Four Pencil Wallet  Code 654 102 041
– Nostalgic Sketching 12-Pencil Tin  Code 654 200 112
– Combination Pencil Set - Sketching Black Box  Code 652 200 908

••• When specifying size, quote pencil type and size code from the chart below.


To accompany the range of Daler-Rowney Artists' Sketching Pencils why not try Daler-Rowney Willow Charcoal grown in the United Kingdom.
Daler-Rowney Artists Sketching Pencils can be used with the wide range of smooth and textured Daler-Rowney Drawing pads, plus the extensive range of Daler-Rowney Hardback books.
Daler-Rowney also have a range of soft putty rubbers perfect for use with the entire Artists' Pencils range.


Pencil Type (see colour chart)
Article Code
Sketching Watersoluble HB 200
Sketching Watersoluble 4B 240
Sketching Watersoluble 8B 280
Sketching Black Drawing 600
Sketching White Drawing 610
Sketching Sanguine Drawing 620
Sketching Sepia Draqing Light 630
Sketching Sepia Drawing Dark 640
Sketching Black Smooth 400
Sketching Sanguine Smooth 450
Sketching Charcoal 500
Graphite HB Pencil 300
Artists' Sketching Pencils 12-Tin
Artists' Combination Graphic and Sketching 24-Tin
Artists' Sketching 4-Pencil Wallet

Colour Chart

  • drawing-media---pencils---sketching-pencils.gif

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