We Start Art has crossed the Atlantic ocean!


We Start Art has crossed the Atlantic ocean!

After a 2 week employee visit to Daler-Rowney's factory in Wareham in November 2013, We start Art crossed the Atlantic ocean over the Christmas period to reach La Romana, where it was launched by the local team on the 10th of February 2014.

After a week of enthusiastic time within Daler-Rowney’s Dominican employees, it was moved to Altos de Chavon for a new show. Altos de Chavon is a school of design with which Daler-Rowney has a close partnership in La Romana. During this event, the school students could enjoy the great pictures taken by Maurice Ballard as well as learning about our production processes.

The next step for We start Art  is the Cranbury warehouse in March 2014 and then a last show in the UK at the Bracknell Library in May or June 2014.

Daler-Rowney we start art exhibition Daler-Rowney we start art exhibition  Daler-Rowney we start art exhibition 


A portrait of Daler-Rowney's craftsmanship by Maurice Ballard

Maurice Ballard is an Engineer with a creative background and a passion for photographing people and industry. He discovered the delights of photography while studying Design at Medway College in 1988. At that time much of his photography was centred on creating images of his product designs.
Whilst he continued to enjoy the medium it was in 2007 as part of an A Level in Photography that Maurice discovered the delights of both social documentary and portrait photography. His passion grew during the two years of study and so soon after graduation he set out for opportunities to further develop his skills. Whilst he took many formal and informal portraits it was the opportunity to photograph people at work that captivated him.

His first significant work since graduating has been documenting the art and craftsmanship at Daler-Rowney. Whilst the project started with capturing the work at the Bracknell site, it grew over time to include three other sites including production of paintbrushes in the Dominican Republic and distribution of products from Cranbury in America. The project culminated in an exhibition that Daler-Rowney hosted across their sites.

In 2010, Maurice started the portrait of Daler-Rowney Craftmanship by taking pictures of the people and their processes in Daler-Rowney’s factories & wharehouses (Bracknell, Wareham, La Romana, Cranbury). The result was gathered in an exhibition of 85 pictures in 2013 aiming at the meeting “in distance” of the Daler-Rowney’s employees and processes.


A few words from Maurice:

As a photographer, I was privileged to be given the freedom to observe and photograph the craftsmanship that goes into the products made by Daler-Rowney.  While it was the possibility of capturing the colours of the paint that attracted me, I soon found that each area of production and handling had its own appealing aspects.  The brilliant colours of the mill room are equalled by the subtle shades of paper in pad making or the fine details of brush making.

Through several visits, I discovered areas of beauty in unexpected places; for example finished items being neatly stacked in the warehouse or tools and equipment carefully prepared for the next day’s work. Each area has unique and interesting aspects that are only revealed while the products are being made and handled. It is the people that convert the materials into the finished product that bring life to a factory. In time I came to realise that the people gave the factory its personality as well as shaping the products manufactured. An area of the production line would be as memorable for the personalities as it was for the product made. I had intended to photograph the manufacturing process but in time found myself photographing the people, their craftsmanship and dedication.  

I hope the images presented here are an encouragement to all at Daler-Rowney. I enjoyed my time photographing you at work. You are a great team, across the continents and I wish you all the very best.

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