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Pencil Portrait Works

Hi there, I though I would share my works with you guys, and see what you think! Hope you like them, any feedback is welcome! To see a larger version of these and more click on the picture and browse through my portfolio. Thanks, William


think your pencil drawings are brilliant - i love the realism and the detail, every inch of the paper, it must have taken you hours! ps im new to the site and like it seems others, i cannot work out how to upload my pics and share them - let us know


This is a wonderful illustration of patience and control and of course attention to detail. You have not compromised on any facet of these peices and that shows that you believe in the inner soul of the peice and not just the perception. I applaud you! well done.

Outstanding work!

Wow! Very good pencil work with so much detail....fantastic!

The cottage

I am totally blown away by your drawing of the cottage. I love drawing, the trouble is I'm not very good. I cannot believe you have only been doing it for 2yrs.

More please.


Hi there, just thought id say I think your drawings are amazing.
Im very fond of pencil myself, I've just been inspired by these drawings.
So detailed.


Thank you very much, I appreciate it!


Hi William,

Those drawings are superb! I really like the top one of the soldier holding an M4. It is very realistic, how long have you been doing art like this? Would be great to see more of your work on here.

Hi, Rob, Thank you very

Hi, Rob,

Thank you very much, you most kind! I have been drawing now for around 2 years, and started portrait drawing about 18 months ago. I had about 6 months (solid 12 hour sessions) practice while working in a call center to ease the bordem. If you would like, you can view my most recent work here.

Thanks again,



i always like too look for something different myself to paint or draw.
very good work as well you know.
cottage is really good , but i also like the soldier.

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