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Hello everyone...

I've been painting for many years but accelerating art materials developments in the last twenty years have changed the entire practice of applying colour to support.

It's still essential to know how to draw first - the crawl, walk, run concept, and it's still possible to use supports - canvas, paper and the like, applicators such as charcol, pens, pencils, brushes and fingers that have been around for eons. But now there are so many new and wonderful paints and other materials that effects are possible now whose mastery and profit from same is defined by who gets there first.

Selling art is tougher than ever and the art buyers are as they have ever been - looking for fresh talent and new approaches to age old subject matter. But if you're not afraid of trying something new with new products you can do well.

This site is a great place to give youself a leg up if you use it and talk to each other.

My two cents.

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