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Greetings from a freelance digital artist

Hello there,
My name's Kay, and I'm a freelance digital artist by trade, and I am doing a lot of traditional art as my pasttime.  I rediscovered traditioanl art earlier this year (after 6-8 years of traditional art hiatus) and I am unstoppable since!  Acrylics is one of the traditional art medium I'm going back to and I use Daler Rowney Cryla paints, mediums and brushes and I'm loving them! I use colour pencils too and I use Daler Rowney Fine Grain Heavyweight paper as the surface for that, and I keep a sketchbook which is Daler Rowney Graduate sketchbook A5. So yes, I'm a Daler Rowney customer and have been for a long time (when I did still did traditional art many years ago I used D&R gouache and watercolours, and my high school art class use System 3 acrylics and Georgian oil paints).
so..yeah! Hi!

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