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What are Georgian Watermixable Oils?

Artist Stephanie K. Kane swapped for us from the traditional Georgian Oil to Georgian Watermixable Oil.

So what difference has she experienced?

- Creamy texture by mixing Georgian Watermixable Oil with water
- A bit more resistance on the canvas in comparison to traditional oil
- More vibrant colour palette 
- Washing up and cleaning the materials is way quicker without turpentines
- No stains on clothes and hands
- No smell of white spirits and turpentines
- More friendly to skin and the environment

Never used Georgian Watermixable Oil? Why not give it a try?!

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About the artist

Stephanie Kane is an award-winning artist who recently showed and created live work at TATE Britain. With an autobiographical element to her work which is experimented with and expanded upon. She works predominately with oil paint and crayons choosing friends as her subjects.