#simplycreate Watermelon Gouache Painting

Learn how to paint a watermelon with Simply Gouache Paints by using this step-by-step guide created by Daler-Rowney artist Amylee Paris, and is easy for beginners to follow and explore using gouache!

The materials in your kit

  • Simply Mini Canvas
  • Simply Gouache Paint (green, yellow, magenta, white and black)
  • 2 x Simply Acrylic Brushes of different sizes
  • 1 x Simply Palette
  • 1 x Container with water and paper towel

How to Paint a Watermelon in Gouache

Learn how to paint a watermelon with Simply Gouache Paints by using this step-by-step guide created by Daler-Rowney artist Amylee Paris, and is easy for beginners to follow and explore using gouache!

Step 1

The fruit

Use a small Simply Canvas. There is no need to add a primer before painting as it is already prepared.
Using green mixed with yellow, draw the shapes of a watermelon and its slice.

Step 2

The pulp

Using magenta, add colour to the leftover portion of the slice to signify the inside of the fruit.
Leave a white space between the red of the pulp and the green of the fruit skin.
Tip: Wash your brushes in between different change colours.

Step 3

The stripes

Using the fine point brush, draw dark green stripes, making sure to reveal the painted area with light green.
The stripes should not be straight but slightly curved to give volume to the fruit.

Step 4

The background

Take the wide tip brush and apply yellow all around the fruit, leaving a white ring to give a more modern side to the composition.

Step 5

It feels like summer

To give a more natural aspect to the fruit, add a few small touches of black paint with the fine point brush to create seeds.
And there you have it, all you have to do is place the little painting on its mini easel to enjoy it.

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About the artist:

The painter Amylee Paris tirelessly finds her inspiration in colour and nature. Her abstract blooms and portraits shine in several art galleries in the UK.