#simplycreate Autumn Mushroom Painting

Learn how to paint an autumn mushroom with Simply Watercolour by using this step-by-step guide created by Daler-Rowney artist Amylee Paris, and is easy for beginners to follow and explore watercolours!

The materials in your kit

  • 1 x A5 Simply Watercolour Paper
  • Simply Watercolour paint tubes in a variety of colours
  • Simply Colour pencils in a variety of colours
  • Simply graphite pencil
  • 1 x Simply Eraser
  • 2 x Simply Watercolour Brushes of different sizes
  • Container with water and paper towels
  • 1 x Simply Palette
  • 1 Roll of Masking Tape
  • 1 x Simply Masking Fluid

How to Paint an Autumn Mushroom with Watercolour

Learn how to paint an autumn mushroom with Simply Watercolour Paint by using this step-by-step guide created by Daler-Rowney artist Amylee Paris, and is easy for beginners to follow and explore using watercolours!

Step 1

The Pattern

Before starting, stick 4 pieces of masking tape down to protect the white edges of the paper during the production.
Then using the graphite pencil, trace the outlines of the drawing.

Step 2

Masking Fluid

Using the fine point brush, apply masking fluid to several details of the fungus, leaf and soil. Leave to dry.

Step 3

Purple & Orange

Take a porcelain or glass container to make it easier to mix the watercolor colours with each other and the water.
To create a slightly pinkish purple, add a hint of blue to the red. For bright orange trees, add a hint of yellow.
Paint the details as in the illustration.
You can paint over the masking fluid, the lacquer protects against colour.

Step 4

Range of Greens

Using the green paint tubes apply the shade to paint the ground and the grasses.
For a natural colour, mix a little ocher with the green paint,

Step 5

Blues & Details

Use a blue mixed with a little black, dilute everything with water to paint the stripes of the ring and the body of the main mushroom. Alternating paint, paint the stripes of the hat of the small mushroom. Let it dry well.
Using your fingers, rub the masking fluid to loosen the plastic film, and let the details appear white.

Step 6

Cernes & Rehauts

Use coloured pencils to identify and accentuate the details of the painting.
Using the blue pencil, apply a slight gradient in the background to enhance the sky. Press harder on the coloured pencil when colouring the angles.
Remove the masking tape to reveal the contours of the drawing, and thus reveal the final painting.

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About the artist:

The painter Amylee Paris tirelessly finds her inspiration in colour and nature. Her abstract blooms and portraits shine in several art galleries in the UK.