How to #simpycreate Christmas ornaments


For this tutorial, you need:

  • Simply mini stretched canvas
  • Simply pallet
  • Simply fine point brush
  • 3 Simply tubes of acrylic paint (black, gold, red)
  • Simply container with water and paper towels
  • 1 roll of masking tape

OPTIONAL: 1 roll of string and 1 eyebolt to screw

Step 1

Making Santa's coat

Cut 2 pieces of masking tape and glue them crosswise as in the photo of the demonstration, with the offset cross down.

Step 2

Santa's coat

Then take the brush soaked in red paint and apply the paint to places without masking tape as in the photo opposite.

GOOD TO KNOW: Remove adhesive tapes before the paint is completely dry, then let dry after all tapes have been removed.

Step 3

Adding black details

Apply black paint over the entire horizontal strip. Leave to dry.

Step 4

Button and belt details

Using the photo opposite, add two black circles to form the buttons of the coat.

This time take gold paint and draw a square in the centre of the belt to form the belt. Let it dry, hey looks like Santa is coming!

Step 5

Decoration to hang

Once the paint is completely dry, it is possible to add a fixing system to hang everything.

Step 6

Result and inspiration

Take a small eyebolt to screw and push it into the edge of the mini canvas. The wood is soft, no need to use a specific tool, the fingers are enough.

All you must do is slip a nice string through the hole in the piston.

And there you have it, a new idea super easy to achieve, which will have the most beautiful effect once hung on the tree!

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