#simplycreate Still Life Painting

The materials in your kit

• 6 x 12ml tubes of Simply Gouache Paint (Burnt Sienna, White, Deep Yellow, Coeruleum, Primary Red, Purple)
• 2 x Watercolour Round Brushes
• 3 x Preprinted Cup Cake design watercolour paper sheets
• 1 x Colour Mixing Guide

Please add 

• 1 x Glass of Water
• 1 x Kitchen Roll
• 1 x Artist's Palette

How to Paint a Still Life with Gouache

Learn how to use opaque watercolour gouache paints with the Still Life Painting activity set that comes with the template, paint brushes and gouache paint you need to create a cute cupcake! This step-by-step guide has been created by Daler-Rowney artist Amylee Paris, and is easy for beginners to follow to explore gouache paint!

Step 1

Use the template

Sit comfortably at a table with all your equipment provided within the kit. Firstly, squeeze a small amount of each colour onto a piece of paper or an artist’s palette. Then use the pre-printed template provided to help you create your painting. In this demonstration, we will produce a still life painting with a cupcake design using Simply Gouache paints.
Tip: your Colour Mixing Guide is here to help you with the mixing of your colours!

Step 2

The cupcake case

Mix Yellow, White and Red to get a pale Pink. Then paint the Pink within the lines on the cupcake box, avoiding the polka dot pattern.

Step 3

Purple shadows

Use Purple to paint the polka dots and shadows of the Cupcake. Then mix the Purple with a small amount of White to get a lighter purple that will be used to create the lines of the cupcake case and the purple splash.

Tip: wash the brush well with each colour change.

Step 4

The filling & the cherry

Use the Red paint to tint the cupcake toppings. Mix the lighter Red with a small amount of white to create the cherry-coloured cream. Mix a small amount of Yellow with the lighter Red to paint the cherry on top to make it more vibrant. Add 3 touches of White on the side of the cream to give a shine effect. To paint the stork, mix a very small amount of Blue and Yellow to create a Green colour. Add some Burnt Sienna to the ends of the Green to finish the stork of the cherry.

Step 5

Chocolate glaze

With the undiluted Sienna Burnt, apply several layers generously to make dark chocolate icing. Use the fine tip brush to paint the multicoloured sprinklers. Use multiple colours to paint the sprinkles to create a colourful cupcake.

Step 6

Paint splashes

This is the last step of the painting to finalise your cupcake. To create watercolour effects with paint splashes, two options are available to you: either add White to your mixtures of colours or dilute your mixtures with water. To create light Greens, you need a tiny bit of Deep Yellow mixed with Blue. To create Oranges, you need to combine Red with Yellow. You can also experiment with mixing paints and create your own colours by following the Colour Mixing Guide included within the kit.

Tip: the Deep Yellow is a very powerful Yellow, so it's a good idea to dilute it by adding water or White to create a less bright Yellow.

Simply Gouache

Daler-Rowney Simply Gouache can be used straight from the tube and have excellent covering power. Available in a wide variety of colours, Simply Gouache offers great value for money and an easy entry point for artists and hobbyists looking to experiment with gouache.


Simply Watercolour Brushes

Daler-Rowney Simply Watercolour Brushes are made from natural hair in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit almost any need.

Simply Canvas

Daler-Rowney Simply Canvases feature a medium grain textured 250gsm acid free canvas, triple primed and ready for use which is available in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes.


About the artist:

The painter Amylee Paris tirelessly finds her inspiration in colour and nature. Her abstract blooms and portraits shine in several art galleries in the UK.