#simplycreate Botanical Art

The Materials In Your Kit

• 6 x 12ml tubes of Simply Acrylic Paint (Light Blue, Dark Blue, Medium Green, Deep Yellow, White, Magenta)
• 2 x Acrylic Brushes
• 3 x Preprinted Botanical Art design acrylic paper sheets
• 1 x Colour Mixing Guide

Please add 

• 1 x Glass of Water
• 1 x Kitchen Roll
• 1 x Artist's Palette

Step 1

Use the template

Sit comfortably at a table with all your equipment provided within the kit. Firstly, squeeze a small amount of each colour onto a piece of paper or an artist’s palette. Then use the pre-printed template provided to help you create your painting. In this demonstration, we will work on a botanical art design using Simply Acrylic paints.

Step 2

Create turquoise

From your 6 colours, you can create a multiple of different colours and variations. Simply create Turquoise by mixing the Light Blue with the Medium Green, add a touch of White to achieve a lighter Turquoise colour. This mixture will help you to work in the same tones as the image in the photo. 

Feel free to use your Colour Mixing Guide to create even more colours!

Step 3

Create bright greens

Add a hint of Deep Yellow to the greens to create lighter and brighter shades for the leaves of the plant. Have fun with experimenting and mixing different Greens to paint the leaves, to create shadows and shade variations. Refer to the Colour Mixing Guide included for help.

Step 4

Vary the greens

To play with shadows, add Dark Blue to the green or apply the blue hues only to vary the effects of foliage. The wider the variety of Greens in the foliage the more natural and exciting the final composition will look.

Step 5

Stems and roots

After applying the paint to all the foliage, you can now move to the stems of the plant. Using Deep Yellow, Magenta and White, work the base of the stems and roots to create a gradient starting from the Yellow, then Red through to Orange.

Step 6

Details and finishing

This is the last step of the painting. With acrylic paint it is possible to go back over the previous step (if the paint is dry) to harmonise everything by adding touches of lighter and darker shades to add more depth to the painting. Clean the brushes well between each colour change.

Simply Acrylic Paint

Daler-Rowney Simply Acrylic Paints are a perfect starting point for artists and hobbyists looking to experiment with acrylics. These soft-body water-based colours can be used straight from the tube, wet easily onto the surface, and can be thinned with water.


Simply Acrylic Brushes

Daler-Rowney Simply Acrylic brushes are made with golden Taklon that is a synthetic material formulated to exhibit the qualities of the finest hair brushes.


Simply Canvas

Daler-Rowney Simply Canvases feature a medium grain textured 250gsm acid free canvas, triple primed and ready for use which is available in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes.


About the artist:

The painter Amylee Paris tirelessly finds her inspiration in colour and nature. Her abstract blooms and portraits shine in several art galleries in the UK.