#simpycreate watercolour painting with bubble wrap

Get ready for this tutorial by firstly gathering all your watercolour essentials: watercolour paints, brushes, paper and a mixing palette!

Step 1

Paint the tree

Mix black and brown with a little bit of water to paint the tree. Make sure to detail each branch. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and go to step 3 in the meantime.

Tip: You can use a watercolour brush as well as a reservoir brush.

Step 2

Mix a fuchsia colour

Mix 2 reds with a little bit of blue to reach a nice fuchsia. You will need this colour mix to flourish your tree. This colour is ideal to paint a beautiful bougainvillaea!

Step 3

Cut bubble wrap paper

Cut a piece of bubble wrap paper, no larger than an A4. With your hands, scrunch the paper and dip it in your fuchsia colour mix. Tap the paper several times with the paint.

Step 4

Add leaves

Your tree is now dry, it is time to add leaves to it! Simply tap the bubble wrap covered with paint on the branches of your tree several times. It will only take you a few seconds to achieve a stunning result! If required, refill your bubble wrap by taping it again in the colour mix.

Tip: Remember to also tap the base of the tree, this will add stability to it.

Step 5

Add more leaves and flowers

With your watercolour brush or reservoir brush, you can easily add more leaves and flowers to the tree or on the floor. You can also paint a few leaves falling down from the tree!

Step 6

Frame your work

To finish your piece of art, framing is an important part! Amylee recommends framing between two glass panels. This will also protect your artwork!

Step 7

Experiment with different colours

Have fun with this technique and try different colours for fantastic trees, evolving with seasons and your imagination!

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