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How to upcycle a table with VIN + OMI

Step 1 - Item Preparation:
  • Always prepare the surfaces and test the colour application on a small, inconspicuous area first. Cover your surroundings with biodegradable dust sheets or other left-over materials from your recycling.
  • Sand the wooden frame with fine-grit sandpaper and prime with System3 Gesso Primer in white to guarantee a long-lasting colour result.
  • Disassemble the table plate from the stand and make sure to store the connector safely for re-assembling later.
Step 2 - Creative Design:
  • Think about your colour design before preparing your pouring mix with FW Pouring Medium and System3 or FW Acrylic Ink.
  • Start preparing the pour-in glasses you’ve collected or paper cups with a ratio of 2:1 medium versus ink.
  • Only transfer half of the ink into the pouring medium first to disperse the mixture better and stir with a pallet knife or stick. Follow up with the rest of the ink and keep on stirring and improving your pour mixture until you are happy with the fluidity and colour intensity.
  • To test the fluidity, simply lift the pallet knife out of the mixture and if the mixture flows smoothly off of the pallet knife you are ready to pour.
  • Prepare as many colours as you like upfront and make sure to work on a flat surface to let the pour dry and level.
  • If you’re looking for a perfect result with no drips or spills we recommend taping the edges of your table with sturdy textile tape.
  • There are several techniques of pouring including a dirty pour, swipe, swirl, or puddle. Omi didn’t know any and started with a dirty pour topping up his System3 Titanium White mix with System3 Crimson and System3 Process Magenta mix, then added further colour intuitively until he was satisfied with the result.
  • Time to flip the glass and move the tabletop in slow controlled movements. Look for parts of your pour you like and try to expand these. Add further prepared mix to your liking and move the tabletop until you are happy with the result.
  • Place your tabletop with the pouring art on a flat surface and let it dry for 24 hours. For this application, we would recommend applying a shockproof clear varnish to protect your design.

Tip: You can add glitter, small stones, and beans into your mix if you like, as well as drip colour onto it. The denser colour will tend to sink in deeper and faster.

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VIN + OMI are award winning fashion and multi media designers who work internationally. They are previous recipients of a NESTA award for their innovation in fashion, research and their unique business models.