How to paint a mural with Monsieur S, Dagson Silver, Hetaone and Toner?

Step 1:

Find a wall to install your artwork and seek permission from the owner and the city it is placed in. Alternative go to a public sprayer park and watch out for a spot.

Step 2:

Create your artwork via sketching and composition and translate into a grid and colour design. Don’t rush the planning of your artwork and scale to size.

Step 3:

Preparation of your wall is key to achieve a long-lasting result. First clean the wall with a pressure pump, fill gaps and holes to make the surface even and apply a base coat such as a gesso primer. Make sure to apply to regional health and safety procedures, especially while working in heights.

Step 4:

Transfer your grid and colour scheme onto the wall with big brushes such as Graduate XL or Mixed Media markers, make sure to use water-resistant and light-fast paint for this process.

Step 5:

Fill up your gird matrix with brushes and rollers and use at all time light-fast and water-resistant paint such as System3 Acrylic.

Step 6:

Once your artwork is done, protect with an ant-graffiti varnish in case of a commissioned work. If the art is placed  in a public spray park, document your work, it will get overpainted quickly.