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How to make marks in oil with Stefan Smit and Chris Valentine?

Oil colours are traditional? Not in the hands of artists Stefan Smit and Chris Valentine from Johannesburg. Meet them both while they create the 50th anniversary mural of the Hyde Park Hotel: the first large-scale oil mural in South Africa.

Besides classic tools such as brushes and palette knives, Stefan and Chris put a new spin on the application of oil by using squeegees, rollers, hands and tissue paper to create fresh and new marks. Why not try it yourself?

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About the artist

Stefan Smit is a fine art artist living in South Africa who has worked for a variety of companies. His unique style has allowed him to work on a broad spectrum of projects.

Chris Valentine is an artist & illustrator from Johannesburg, South Africa. Chris has been nurturing a love for oil painting and street art in his years as an illustrator.