How to create colour throwing art with VIN + OMI?

Step 1 - Item Preparation:
  • Always prepare your surfaces and test the colour application on a small section first. Cover the surrounding area with biodegradable dust sheets or other left-over materials from your recycling.
  • Attach your canvas wedges for optimal stretch and make sure to fix it securely to the wall.
  • Make sure that you have enough space and your surrounding area is protected. Colour throwing definitely leaves a mark.
  • TIP: If you applied art masking fluid, you can remove this carefully after the paint has dried. You can uncover the protected area if the paint layers are not applied too thickly. We created a branded Vin + Omi x Daler-Rowney wall.
Step 2 - Creative Design:
  • We prepared acrylic water colour bombs simply by mixing System3 Acrylic Ink with water in a plastic bottle from our recycling. Create the colour mixture to your liking and attach the water balloon to the bottle neck. Squeeze the bottle until the balloon is nearly full and make a knot. Repeat as often as you have the patience for before going for the big splash.
  • Repeat the same procedure with your water gun or super soaker. Premix the ink and water to your preferred ratio and fill the container.
  • In addition, we filled glass jars with diluted System3 Acrylic to create texture and colour highlights.
Enjoy the colour madness!