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3rd March 2022

Backstage with VIN + OMI

Daler-Rowney had the opportunity of capturing backstage footage with the award-winning, multimedia designers and consultants VIN + OMI using our products for their latest creative projects and Fashion Week shows in London. Alongside the interview, shown in the video above, we captured how they use our different artist materials to create their vision.

VIN + OMI & System3 Fluid Acrylic and System3 Pouring Medium

VIN + OMI are renowned at Daler-Rowney for their unconventional and creative usage of art materials. We asked the designer duo to test our new product developments for the System3 collection - System3 Fluid Acrylic and System3 Pouring.

VIN + OMI & System3 Inks

Who says construction foam can't be fashionable? VIN + OMI designed a collection of stunning jewellery for their Future Flower Show at Fashion Week in September 2021 out of construction foam waste using System3 Ink.

VIN + OMI & System3 Professional Screen Printing

VIN + OMI's fashion is not conventional, it's a sustainable piece of art to wear and is displayed in museums around the world. OMI brought screen-printing samples to use in their Fashion Weeks to showcase the versatility of System3 Professional Screen Printing before the show date.


VIN + OMI are famous for the development of their own range of unique eco textiles from recycling projects and R&D programmes. Daler-Rowney is proud to take part in the development using our used plastic and aluminium waste to give it a second life in the Fashion World. VIN demonstrates below the dyeing of eco-cotton with System3 Inks, as seen on the London Fashion Week catwalk.

VIN + OMI & Ebony Sketchbooks

We asked VIN + OMI if they still use sketchbooks in the digital age and indeed, all their creative ideas start on many pieces of paper. We have displayed a few of their ideas that were sketched in our Ebony Sketchbooks.

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