News & Art Collaborations
20th May 2024

Stand By Me Workshops

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Daler-Rowney for their generous donation of much-needed art materials to our men's mental health support group. This contribution has enabled us to introduce art therapy sessions to our program, providing a creative and expressive outlet for our members.

During our inaugural art therapy session, participants were encouraged to express their thoughts and emotions through their artwork. The experience proved to be incredibly calming and fulfilling for everyone involved. Many group members found that creating art allowed them to relax and open up in ways they hadn’t before. This newfound ability to communicate through art led to some profoundly honest and open discussions about their personal experiences and challenges.

The positive impact of this session was evident, as it fostered a therapeutic environment that not only promoted individual expression but also strengthened the sense of community within the group. We are thrilled with the success of this initial session and are excited to announce that it will be the first of many. We look forward to continuing these art therapy sessions, which we believe will be an invaluable component of our ongoing efforts to support men's mental health.

To find out more about Stand By Me, a men's mental health support group, contact Jason Titley.