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30th May 2024

Interview with Sam Hubbard

We are pleased to sit down with Sam Hubbard, illustrator & contemporary artist and lover of Daler-Rowney papers to discuss his career and what advice he has for artists starting their careers.

Sam Hubbard is an illustrator and contemporary artist living by the sea in West Sussex. He finds inspiration mainly in nature - the English Channel, South Downs, swimming, surfing, and running, and when he isn’t at the drawing board can often be found floating around in his little boat in the River Arun. He draws influence from an eclectic variety of artists ranging from Quentin Blake to Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Originally coming from a background in design and art direction, Sam has built a large portfolio of black ink illustrations, exhibiting work in a wide variety of locations, alongside working on private and corporate commissions from album covers to country estates, to award-winning book covers.

What inspired you to pick up a brush/pencil and start painting/drawing?

I've been working in the creative industry for a long time now as a designer and art director, but lockdown was the time when I picked up a pen again and rekindled my childhood love of drawing. I developed my own style, one thing led to another, and the work kept coming!

When did your love of art start? Did you always want to be an artist?

I've drawn as long as I can remember and loved everything from cartoons to still life, probably starting early in primary school. Always using Daler-Rowney paper of course!

What would be your advice for new artists just starting up?

Produce work that you love and enjoy, and lots of it. Develop your style, but don't be afraid to experiment with different techniques. Surround yourself with great creative people, and places where you find inspiration.

What is the best tip you were told early in your career?

I got in touch with an artist called Nick Smith, and her gave me loads of great tips. Read up on the business side of an art career, market yourself to galleries, create your own collection... the list goes on!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Other artists, books, poetry, nature, the seaside, friends. I get most of my ideas whilst running or swimming.

What is your favourite Daler-Rowney product and why?

Any Daler-Rowney paper, it's all I've ever used! I usually choose the paper based on what feels right for each individual project.

What is a technique that you haven't tried yet that you would love to try & why?

Most of my work is monochrome, black ink. I've produced some larger art with splashes of colour, but I'd also love to experiment with adding more colour into my regular illustrations. I've always been fascinated by Quentin Blake's ink drawings with watercolours over the top – maybe something inspired by that!

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