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22nd August 2023

Pepe Gaka, SKETCH & Daler-Rowney collaboration

fletcherwilson x Daler-Rowney

What do you do if you want to bring your team together and offer a real-life creative experience?

The answer for fletcherwilson, a film production company based in Stratford, London was a no-brainer.

They simply got in touch with us, seeing their team of creatives was up for a hand-made creation to break out of their everyday creative work behind cameras or desktops.

“We spend 98% of our time with digital media, pushing pixels and there is something tangible and lovely about real media”, Nat Wilson, CEO of fletcherwilson.

This is how the story started and the team of fletcherwilson did not just gain the support of Daler-Rowney, they had the pleasure of working with one of our favourite mural artists Pepe Gaka to support them on their creative journey of the unique and personal mural creation in their studios designed by artist and illustrator Sketch.

We are blown away by the stunning documentation of the whole process from an original sketch on paper to a 4m wide mural. Congratulations to the whole team of fletcherwilson for an amazing journey, we were able to be witness to the creation of an outstanding piece of pop realism with a deep personal meaning. We loved being part of your journey and are happy to welcome Sketch on board as a part of the Daler-Rowney artist family!

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