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Daler-Rowney System3 Fluid x Rooster by Pepe Gaka


Pepe Gaka has lived all around the world and takes inspiration from all of the places he has lived when he paints. His artist surname, 'Gaka', means painter in Japanese and for the past five years, he has focused on street and mural art.

"When I create a mural, what I prefer to do is to switch between different styles and techniques based on where I am creating it".

Pepe's Rooster mural was painted in Pinerolo, Torino on a small traditional family farm last month. He chose the rooster, not only because there are some on the farm, but also because he finds them beautiful and they are much more intelligent than people think they are.

For the mural, he used System3 Fluid Acrylic due to its durability and the fact that the colour does not fade over time, which is important when artists are painting a mural outside. Further reasons why Pepe uses System3 Fluid Acrylic include that it is fluid enough that you can paint with it and you don't have to thin it down which is good for filling the cracks in the wall without it bleeding.

Watch the above video for the full interview and where he explains what techniques he used to create the different gradations.

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