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Deep Box Canvas

One of my standard sizes in Daler Deep Box Canvas is 20" square.
I am having problems with from new of Bowing outwards and inwards of the stretcher bars, one with quite a severe outward bulge. Inwards I can understand.
These are not obvious until unwrapped.
I am wondering if there is any remedy apart form stretching, or framing to hide the bulge.



If you go to your closest retailer, ask them if they can replace your Canvas with a new one. What will happen is the Retailer will contact Daler Rowney and get credit for the replacement.

I hope this helps.


Thanks Rob did not realise

Thanks Rob did not realise any Daler retailer would replace.

They Should

If they say they don't, then please say that you were informed by us to ask them.

If they again refuse to, then just post here or give us a ring and we will more than likely sort something out.


Thank you

Thanks again Rob,

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