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Cachet sketch book paper as single sheets

Is the paper in the Cachet Classic sketch book series also available as heavier and larger individual sheets ?(A2-A1, 300+ gsm). The paper in the Cachet sketchbook is ideal for my fountain pen illustration work but is unfortunately to thin and too small to create artwork for print.
Does anyone from Daler Rowney ever view this forum?
Looking forward to a reply :0)

Sorry this product as a

Sorry this product as a sketchbook has been discontinued as not enough people were buying it. I have made a suggestion that they consider supplying it as larger sheets, but if people would like this to happen please add to this blog to prove there is a need. Whould you rather buy it as individual sheets or in packs of 5 or 10, or as a pad of A1.
There is an A2 pad at 200gsm otherwise it is watercolour paper which is 300gsm.

Hi, I am the new Artist in

Hi, I am the new Artist in Residence for Daler Rowney and it will be my job to check the forum for questions that need answering, I have only just started here so it may take me a little while to get back to people until I get up to speed. It would be good to get the forum and blogs a bit more lively, so tell all your friends to blog, tweet and upload pictures.
About your question, I will go and have a look in the showroom tomorrow and get back to you. If not then I can request that this is a product that Daler Rowney consider running. I too have problems getting paper wide and heavy enough and with varying textures.
If anybody else reading this would also use this product then let me know.

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