Our Research and Development chemists develop the colours produced today using the knowledge, formulations and techniques gained from over 200 years' experience in making artists' materials, combined with modern advances in materials and technologies. Raw materials are sourced from all around the world to find the best and most suitable for the products we are developing.

These products are tested by both traditional and modern test methods to ensure they meet the standards and properties required by the artists i.e. flow, colour strength, drying times, etc. Once these properties have been formulated into the product it is then put on accelerated storage tests to ensure that the product will not deteriorate in its container over time. At Daler-Rowney, we manufacture thousands of different artists' colours from our factory in Bracknell, England.

Find out more about the specification of all our colours in all our colour ranges, including: colour number, colour name, pigments, CI name, and permanence.

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