A Jobbing Illustrator’s Blog #5

February 1st 2011

I have received comments on my first round of roughs for the Little Tiger book which are pretty straightforward, with only one spread that is proving more difficult. There is usually one spread that is more of a pain than others in every book so nothing unusual. There is one redraw but thankfully still using some elements already drawn. Then a collection of pose adjustments and tweaks. All of those have been done and now just have to scan and ping over.

For the Scholastic book I have started the colour artwork, which is a bit of stop-start at the moment but maybe later today and tomorrow I can snatch some time to work on it. Doing a little and often, and it will be done in no time. There have been no news about the WHSmiths' Christmas card designs since I sent the extra two full-size roughs and one piece of final artwork. I think this stage will take some time before I get approval to go ahead with the rest of the artwork or for it to be shelved.

I also heard that one of my older card designs was relicensed to a US company and even though it is not a huge amount, it all adds up. Plus, it is public lending right royalty statement time and I had a pleasant surprise which will keep me off the breadline for a bit. It is also interesting to see which of my books get borrowed from the library the most. Not always the ones you expect.

Finally, I had to turn down another job to do a classic fairytale as the timing of when they wanted the work delivered clashed with my schedule, plus they wanted the copyright and were very insistent on that. No artists in their right mind should give away their copyright unless they charge huge amounts, which wasn't going to happen here.

P.S. The image is of the final spread for the Little Tiger book.

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