Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint


Cryla, the perfection Acrylic Paint of all Acrylic Paints.

This type of paint is aimed at the use of Artists who are trying to define true quality in there Acrylic Paintings, Acryla is known for its thickness and use of detail. This Acrylic Paint is best used when filling in fine details on canvas using a thick brush or a knife, its sometimes referred to as the 'butter paint' due to its texture and thickness.

Cryla is a massive Acrylic paint product at Daler Rowney, its sold worldwide and shipped out daily due to the huge demand for this Acrylic Paint.

System 3 on the other hand "is a water-based medium bodied acrylic offering all the virtues of light-fastness, permanence and covering power in an economical range of 48 bright colours including metallics, fluorescents and printing colours." This Acrylic Paint offers a smoother painting technique and is highly popular with students and at schools, this Acrylic Paint dries in minutes and gives off a brilliant egg shell finish.

Daler Rowney Acrylic Paints

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