THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT is a 4 x 5 ft. egg tempera painting. Like the title implies, this painting resulted from an attempt to create one of seven paintings for a series on the elements of Nature titled: THE SEVEN SISTERS. I was working on the element FIRE, attempting to capture the sense of being consumed by it verses illustrating it at a distance, as an observer would do, hopefully.

What resulted was shockingly delightful. There before me was the arch villain-- the most evil cunning character epitomizing all our unnameable thoughts, words and actions-- taking a bubble bath! The sublime face mocks at the very act of such diabolical intent. This devil, immersed in conjuring up his bubbly minions is so engrossed with the water play, he fails to realize how naked he really is. The painting has been excepted to ArtPrize, an international exhibition located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, from September 21- October 9. Votes from the public establish the prize winners. It's worth looking into for next year:

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