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Cryla Artists’ Acrylic colours on average dry normally between 5 – 10 minuets. Thicker brush strokes and impasto marks will skin over in a short period of time but will take longer to through dry. The acrylic resin is normally fully polymerised over night so it is recommended to varnish over Cryla Artists’ Acrylic after 24 hours. Room temperature and humidity will affect the drying time of Cryla Artists’ Acrylic as warm dry conditions will speed up the drying time were as cold humid conditions will slow it down.

This rapid drying time is one of the popular qualities of Cryla Artists’ Acrylic. This is a great advantage to artists who wish to paint quickly, as paintings that may have taken weeks to complete in oil, because of the necessity of waiting for paint layers to dry, can be completed in one session with Cryla Artists’ Acrylic.

Colour Shift

Most acrylic colours have a colour shift from wet to dry. The reason for this colour shift is because of the Acrylic Co-Polymer emulsion being a pale milky colour in the wet form. When the water evaporates and the colour dries this pale milky colour disappears and becomes transparent. Cryla Artists’ Acrylic has been specially formulated to minimise the affect that the colour shift has on the colours, consequently there is virtually no colour shift from the wet colour to the dry colour.


Once dry Cryla Artists’ Acrylic cannot be re-wetted therefore care must be taken to ensure that Cryla Artists’ Acrylic never dries on the brush. The colour can simply be washed out of brushes and off of palettes using mild soap and water. This is an advantage to artists who may be sensitive to powerful solvents that are needed for cleaning oil colour.


Cryla Artists’ Acrylic can be used straight from the tube if a rich buttery heavy bodied consistency is required. However it can be thinned with water if a more flowing or thinner consistency is required. Also Cryla Artists’ Acrylic can be mixed with any of the Daler-Rowney Artists’ Acrylic Mediums, that will change the working properties.

Final Film

Once the Cryla Artists’ Acrylic colour is fully dry it becomes water resistant and resistant to mild solvents. This stops the colour being re-dissolved when further layers of colours or varnish are painted on top. The final film is very flexible and will withstand the natural flexing of the surface that it is painted onto (e.g. Canvas, wooden panel, etc.). Paintings with Cryla Artists’ Acrylic on canvas can even be loosely rolled for storage or transportation without affecting the final film. However this should never be done in extremely cold conditions. A high quality acrylic co-polymer is used in Cryla Artists’ Acrylic colours which is non-yellow this prevents any shift in colour due to the acrylic film.


 Colour Page 3


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