Murano Pastel Paper

Murano Pastel Paper

The Murano fine art paper range breathes new life into traditional pastel paper. The naturally textured surface and cotton content give it a classic, luxurious feel, whilst the combination of 35 sophisticated and fashionable colours make it the ideal choice for artists and crafters alike. Weighing in at a substantial 160gsm.


Selections of 30 sheets (5 sheets x 6 colours).

Neutral (greys and earthy shades)
Haze, platinum, stone, rose grey, oatmeal, pale peach.
– 12 x 9" (305 x 229mm)  Code 438 031 209
– 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)  Code 438 031 612

Cool Colours (blues and greens)
Lagoon, Wedgwood, fern, dusk, slate, aubergine.
– 12 x 9" (305 x 229mm)  Code 438 032 209
– 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)  Code 438 032 612

Warm Colours
Chocolate, Bordeaux, strawberry, raspberry, cinnamon, nutmeg.
– 12 x 9" (305 x 229mm)  Code 438 033 209
– 16 x 12" (406 x 305mm)  Code 438 033 612


35 colours, 160gsm. High cotton content, acid free. Textured surface on one side and smooth on the other side. Pack of 50.
– A4 (50-sheet pack)  Code 425 020 •••
– 50 x 65cm (25-sheet pack)  Code 425 065 •••


••• To specify a colour, quote the size code followed by the colour number indicated on the colour chart.

Murano Pastel 6 Assorted Colours Warm
Murano Pastel 6 Assorted Colours Cool
Murano Pastel 6 Assorted Colours Neutral
Murano Swatch
Murano Pastel Pad Bright Colours
Murano Pastel Pad A3
Murano Pastel Pad A4

Colour Chart

  • Murano Swatch.jpg

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