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suitability of wood used in pre-stretched and bespoke canvas frames/stretchers for import into Australia...

Part 1.
I am an artist working and living in the UK. I have been commissioned by someone in Australia to paint2/4 paintings, 1m x 1m each. Normally I work in oils. I have been advised that Australia has strict import protocols over any form of wood entering the country, whether it be packing cases or wooden frames and stretchers. Does anyone know if the wood Daler Rowney uses for its canvases has a 'de-infestation' certificate/authorisation?

Part 2.
Instead of painting direct onto stretched canvas in oils, would it be more practical to paint onto unstretched canvas in 'water-based' oils, then simply roll the finished painting into a suitable tube for transportation.?
Hopefully the use f this medium would negate the possibility of cracking on the paint surface?
Any advice would be appreciated?

Anthony Jones


Hi Anthony

Your answer to question 2: We don’t supply water-based oil colours, but my understanding is that they are no less brittle than conventional oil colours.

Answer to question 1:

Yes,the wooden products entering Australia have to be fumigated and the fumigation certificate will be supplied to Australian Custom.
And so far we only do fumigation for the stretched canvas sent to Australia and New Zealand.
The current goods to uk are not fumigated but if you need we can do that for you and supply you with fumigation certificate.
However, I am not sure if this fumigation certificate is useful when your customer send the paint from uk to Australia.

Hope this helps!


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