Soft Pastels

Soft Pastels

Over many decades, Daler-Rowney have perfected the art of making soft pastels. The finest available pigments are combined with other ingredients to give the smoothest and most consistent painting experience through a carefully balanced range of 186 tints.

The softness of each pastel produces graduated velvet tones of unsurpassed richness and hue. Daler-Rowney Artists’ Soft Pastels now have the softest, creamiest mark, providing the most consistent coverage.

All colours come in tints of 1-4 (4 being the deepest), with each vibrant colour derived from the precise blending of finest-quality pigments. Each colour has the same pigment combination, which is then mixed with superior quality chalk and china clay to produce the different tints. All colours are non-hazardous, with minimal tendency to crumble and dust.

The lightfastness of the range is unsurpassed.

186 tints  Code 153 00• •••

••• When specifying colour, quote tint code followed by the colour number. See our colour chart.

– 8 Set Grey Selection  Code 153 901 008
– 8 Set Dark Selection Code 153 902 008
– 8 Set Cool Selection  Code 153 903 008
– 8 Set Warm Selection Code 153 904 008
– 16 Set Grey Selection Code 153 901 016
– 16 Set Assorted Selection  Code 153 902 016
– 16 Set Cool Selection  Code 153 903 016
– 16 Set Warm Selection  Code 153 904 016

Artists Soft Pastels 8 and 16 Sets Cool Selection
Artists Soft Pastels 8 and 16 Sets Warm Selection

Colour Chart

  • Soft Pastels Colour Chart.gif

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